Portsmouth Property Management: Tenants and Rules

When you engage the services of the pros of Portsmouth property management, you won’t ever have to worry about a tenant breaking rules because the experienced leasing agents will take care of all your duties for you, from tenant screening to eviction pursuance. However, if you don’t have a rental property management company going to bat for you, there are certain guidelines to follow when one of your tenants breaks a rule. Read on to learn more.

Tenant rule-breaking happens, and while dealing with it is certainly not the most pleasant aspect of being a landlord, it is necessary to do so quickly. An unruly tenant could end up damaging your property, disturbing neighbors, and attracting police attention, so make sure to follow up on any complaints or concerns right away.

First of all, remember to deal with any tenant trouble in a calm manner. If, for example, your tenant is supposedly breaking noise ordinances and you are getting complaints from the neighbors, it is important to not jump to any conclusions unless a police report has been filed. Neighborly relations can be tricky, and one person’s “excessive noise” is another person’s day-to-day, low-level sound. Talk to your tenant before taking any other steps to action. It may be a misunderstanding.

If the problem persists, and you decide that it is time for the tenant to move out, you can issue a no-cause termination of tenancy, which is NOT a legal eviction. Legal evictions involve a lengthier legal process that you must pursue if your tenant refuses to vacate your property within the timeframe you specify. Of course, if you hire a quality Portsmouth property management agency, you can let the pros handle every detail while you relax!