Rights tenants need to be aware of in rental management Richmond VA

Are you a tenant involved in rental management Richmond VA, then one thing is for sure: you need to work well with your landlord but also need to be aware of your basic rights.

  • The first thing you need to know as a tenant is about the Fair Housing Act. According to this Act, you cannot be denied housing on the basis of your race, sex, marital status or disability etc.
  • The rental units must conform to standards of hygiene as described by the local laws. This basically means that the landlord must provide you with a home that is safe, sanitary and weatherproof. It is also the landlord’s job to ensure electricity, water and heat etc.
  • When required, a landlord must give you a 24 hour notice before entering the premises for routine maintenance or repairs.
  • As a tenant, you have the right to break the lease if the landlord has violated the terms thereof, compromising your health or safety.
  • The tenant is also entitled to receive his security deposit at the end of the lease provided the rental unit is in good condition and whatever damages there are constitute normal ‘wear and tear’.
  • It is the landlord’s duty to provide repairs and maintenance in a timely manner and tenants should ensure that the lease has a clause which states they can order the repairs and have the costs deducted from the rental amount.

These are a few rights which every tenant needs to be aware of.