Richmond Apartment Management : Giving Gifts

One of the things you need to do as a new landlord/investor is set the bar high with the type ofRichmond apartment property management you provide your tenants with. There are too many rentals available now that can easily compete with yours in price, size and amenities, but the one thing that renters will talk about is the treatment they receive from their Richmond property managers. Firms know this, which is why they stress how important it is to make the tenant feel respected and appreciated.

Does this mean that you have to hire professional Richmond property managers/firms to handle your investment properties? No. All it means is that those who are professionals in the Richmond property management industry understand how small gestures can make big impressions on tenants. Often times, it’s these small things that win the war in a tenant’s mind of whether to move or not. So, what can you do to show a new tenant you care? Give a small welcoming gift. Below are a few suggestions.

  1. Food – Often times, the day tenants move in is a very stressful and overwhelming day, leaving them little time to think about fixing something to eat. Therefore, a great way for your Richmond apartment property management to welcome the tenant into his/her new home is to bring food. For instance, you could stop by with a KFC basket of chicken and some tasty sides or you could prepare your own basket full of baked goodies. And, if you’re worried about the cost, it is deductible as it’s an expense/welcoming gift.
  2. A Few Essentials – It really doesn’t matter who a person is, there are a few basic things everyone needs when moving into a new place. Many times, renters don’t pack any essentials as they plan on taking a trip to the store once they get all their furniture in and situated. Therefore, have your Richmond property management staff prepare a basket with a few essential items and have it waiting for them on the counter when they walk in on moving day. (Ex: toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, trash bags, etc.)
  3. Gift Card – If you and your Richmond apartment management team don’t have time to prepare a basket of anything for your new tenant, simply stop in and ask how moving day is going. Then, personally hand them a small gift card to Target or Wal-Mart so they can go and get what they need when they have time. Even this small gift will be well received and make a good impression.