About Us

Our company was created to fill a void that our President, Kyle Stephenson, felt as a residential investment property owner. After his search for a property management company that focused on his specific needs proved fruitless, he decided to create one himself. The result is a company that is flexible enough to serve owners who need a complete suite of services as well as those who like to be involved in the management of their properties.

Kyle Stephenson’s expertise in residential property management has been recognized by many. He was featured in a chapter of the book “Successful Property Managers, Advice and Winning Strategies from Industry Leaders” by Michael Levy. Besides being a licensed Realtor, he is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers as well as the Richmond Apartment Owners Association. He has been in the industry for twenty years.

We are one of the few property management companies in the area that focuses exclusively on property management. Our staff of licensed real estate agents devote all of their time to managing our clients properties and are not distracted by trying to broker real estate. Here what just a few of our satisfied customers have to say.

Great Richmond Rentals manages over 1200 rentals in the metropolitan Richmond area. Whether a rental is in an affordable neighborhood or a high end one, we bring the same passion to each of our clients; that passion is to help owners manage their properties efficiently and maximize the return on their investments. We can help you fill your vacancies, reduce turnovers and maintain your properties to protect your investment.

If you are searching for a Richmond property management company that sees the business from an owner’s point of view, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss with you how we can help you meet the financial goals you have for your rental properties.